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On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 7:21 PM, Paul W. Frields  wrote:

>> Java 6 EE - well the text refers to the Java 6 EE spec, and what's
>> left unsaid is that openJDK is what is meeting the spec. However most
>> people assume that's java-1.6.0-sun when they see Java 6 EE.
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> How would you recommend restating this?  Can you edit that talking
> point to make it so?

I hope your pointing to victorv with this question. I am only barely
on the fringes of the Java community, and only because I admin some
JBoss app servers and quite a few Java apps at $dayjob. And reading
over this talking point - I am not sure if it my earlier statement is
completely on topic - the talking point is referring to NetBeans, not
openjdk, though I think the same principle ('Java 6 EE spec' confusion
with java-1.6.0-sun)

>> JavaFX SDK appears to not be F/LOSS
>> (
> Right, mjw was noting this as well.  I'm sending a copy of this email
> to victorv who's listed as the netbeans maintainer, to get him to edit
> this wiki page so that we are promoting only free software.
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