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On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 6:05 PM, Max Spevack  wrote:
> Marketers,
> I have gone through the Marketing FAD page and updated every section of
> it.
> Please take a look, with the following things in mind:
> * Is your status properly reflected on the attendees section?  This is
> particularly important as we plan for Saturday's social event.
> * Do you own a day?  If so, what do you think about how your day is
> shaping up?  I have purposefully tried to break the day into sections
> rather than specific blocks of time, because I think that still keeps
> things relatively constrained, but frees us from the panic of having
> too-specific of a schedule.
> * Several of the days (brand, video, and PR) depend on some Red Hat
> folks being available.  Based on their availability, we might swap the
> order of days around.  So be flexible!
> Let's use that page, and this thread, as we work toward the start of the
> Marketing FAD on Saturday.
> Looking forward to seeing all of you.
> --Max
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Since the agenda typically covers less than 1/2 of the available hours
of any day during the FAD, and we always tend to congregate in the
lobby in the evening hacking on stuff anyway, rrix and I added an
optional "late late show" section to the first two nights.
We are going to do some really basic and simple packaging instruction
on the first night that we've termed 'Packaging by and for dummies'
riffing on stickster's Git talk of the same meme. No we won't keep you
up REALLY late - most likely just an hour or two after dinner.

The second night we're actually going to try and do some packaging
(hopefully using the stuff we learned the previous night) and package
reviews for the limesurvey dependencies.
This is of course optional - you are welcome to do your own thing, but
I've noticed a number of people within marketing talking about wanting
to learn packaging, so here's your chance. If you're already a
packager, feel free to jump in and help us teach.

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