prep for Marketing FAD

wonderer wonderer4711 at
Tue Mar 9 09:59:33 UTC 2010

>>> * Several of the days (brand, video, and PR) depend on some Red Hat
>>> folks being available.  Based on their availability, we might swap the
>>> order of days around.  So be flexible!
> Speaking of video - do we have a handle on any equipment we need being
> available? I see on
> that we'll be getting introduced to Red Hat's video team ... are they
> going to be sharing equipment with us, helping out, etc?
That would be a very good idea, because I'm planning to do some
photoshoots. So, if they are willing to share some Lights and stuff that
would be REALLY cool.
I also attend to do some podcasting recording stuff for later, so if
there is a small but quiet room available that would be awsome.
Also if there are any "historic" Fedora Swag available (Fedora CDs from
the beginning, Shirts, Buttons, Stickers, etc.) please bring with you!

best regards
H. Heigl - wonderer at

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