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David Nalley david at
Tue Mar 9 13:39:49 UTC 2010

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On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 6:25 AM, wonderer  wrote:
> Hy,
>> We are going to do some really basic and simple packaging instruction
>> on the first night that we've termed 'Packaging by and for dummies'
>> riffing on stickster's Git talk of the same meme. No we won't keep you
>> up REALLY late - most likely just an hour or two after dinner.
> I would really like to participate! But as I see there is allready one
> evening event at saturday planed, maybe its possible to re-schedule the
> late late work to the 2nd and 3rd night...?!

If it's REALLY late after the hockey game, and everyone is exhausted,
we'll push off till the next evening. My experience has been that most
people still hang out for several hours after the evening
entertainment. We're pretty flexible and will do whatever works. I
don't want to try and impart what little I know about packaging to an
exhausted, sleeping group (though the sleep may happen regardless)

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