Ideas! Marketing FAD, here we come....

John Poelstra poelstra at
Sat Mar 13 04:26:22 UTC 2010

Robyn Bergeron said the following on 03/12/2010 06:59 AM Pacific Time:
> 1)  Can poelcat possibly add links (not necessarily hyperlinked,
> although that would be cool too) for each item on the schedule to the
> appropriate SOP? For example:
> Start       End         Name
> Tue 02-Mar  Tue 30-Mar  Feature Profiles
> Thu 04-Mar  Mon 08-Mar  Create Alpha Announcement (Marketing&  Docs)
> http://etc, etc (not sure if we have an SOP for this?)

Great idea.  Let me ask the TaskJuggler expert I know.

> 2) Have a place in each SOP we create where we can reference the
> item's place in the schedule. Also, describe any serious hard
> dependencies, or what the previous items are that we depend on being
> done to start that particular schedule item... or if it has no
> dependencies at all.  I think it would be great for newcomers who are
> working on deliverables to be able to easily reference the broader
> scope of this item's place in the schedule.
> 3) Marketing schedule SOP.  How does this magic happen? Link to John's
> descriptions / schedule pages / etc.  Who to contact if schedule has
> issues that need to be resolved (in the event John passes this task to
> others).

The "magic" is here:

For a quick glance at the tasks tagged as marketing:
$ grep -nB 4 "flags.*marketing.*" f-13.tjp

Remind me on the phone tomorrow at the FAD tomorrow and I'll explain how 
it works.


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