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Hy there,

I also did a while back some research for some kind of audio-solution
for Interviewing people. So, podcasting could be much more easier. The
thing (mostly) is that the talking-partner has to set up a kind of
program and that you often not know how good he or she is in setting up
all kinds of audio thingys, etc.
What I found so far can be found at
Paul also pointed me at that time to fedoratalk wich we maybe also could
stream (did not look for conference-room ability's), but I do not know
about the requirements for the Server if we rum up to like 10-20 remote
I'm not so comfortable with that mumble thing, because it looks pretty
much like a "normal" enduser VOIP client and not so much for streaming,
conferencing and also recording tool. but maybe there is a testserver
anywhere out there you can test it and we see if and how it works.

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
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Am 14.03.2010 00:30, schrieb Jon Stanley:
> What is wrong with the existing asterisk service for this purpose?
> Jon, on his cell.
> On 3/13/10, Nelson Marques <07721 at> wrote:
>> By the way, any possibility that we can run a official Fedora server, at
>> least for the Marketing team. This would approach us more and eventually
>> we could actually speak. I have such a sweat voice ;)
>> nelson
>> On Sat, 2010-03-13 at 21:28 +0000, Nelson Marques wrote:
>>> I would just like to point to Mumble as a tool we can most likely
>>> consider using. I've been a spectator on this FAD while I could actually
>>> be more participative.
>>>  I've never used mumble before, but it's available for Fedora 12, and it
>>> seems to work properly.
>>>  Means everyone would need a headset or something alike, but yeah, even
>>> those who don't like wire's can use bluetooth devices and such. This
>>> would most likely improve communication on such meeting for people on
>>> the other side of the globe.
>>>  For Reference:
>>>  Nelson.
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