Phone for tomorrow

Paul Frields stickster at
Sun Mar 14 04:47:00 UTC 2010

Hi Marketing team and friends,

For various reasons our phone system seemed to be having problems with
Fedora Talk today during Day 1 of the Marketing FAD. I am not sure if
this is related to the problems we experienced in the Board public
call earlier this month. Symptoms included spurious disconnections and
disappearing audio for some callers.

Tomorrow we will use the Community Architecture dial-in for our audio
conferencing. This means there may not be any web streaming available,
for which I apologize.  However, we do have a large number of
worldwide, toll-free numbers available for the audio conference. We'll
distribute the number again tomorrow morning, and if you are in an
area outside the US, join us on IRC Freenode at #fedora-fad and we'll
get you hooked up with a number.  We believe we have a recording
capability and will try to use it tomorrow as well.


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