Marketing FAD Day 1, Afternoon: Summary, Logs, Blogs, plus UPCOMING AWESOMENESS

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Sun Mar 14 06:01:18 UTC 2010


Logs from afternoon, Day 1 of Marketing FAD are available to read at:

For those who haven't checked yet, we have a number of posts up on
Planet relating to what we accomplished today.

To summarize homework from today - I'm snipping from the IRC logs here:

rrix - MARKETING PLAN wiki page, planet post and marketing post
yn1v, w/help from rbergeron - Goals/Braindump consolidation of pages
spevack: writing a blog post about two different types of spins:
strategic v. cosmetic
NO ONE (for now)  attracting marketing contributors plan
rbergeron: to create prelim survey stuff for tomorrow or monday for the RH gurus
rbergeron: survey stuff being delayed until Tomorrow evening for LATE
ke4qqq: nail down happy fun hacking survey packaging fun time
wonderer: media posting, and get everyone to post blag posts and whatnot
rharrison: clean up the FAD wiki page

21:53:21 <spevack> #action EVERYONE read the Red Hat Story pdf
21:53:38 <spevack> #link

Robyn's Photos:
More Robyn Photos:
wonderer's Photos:


For reference, here's our agenda:

Remember to read the Red Hat Story prior!!!

We have some of the Red Hat brand folks coming in - here are some of
the questions that we came up with to discuss with them (cut/paste
from IRC, we also have them written on the whiteboard):

21:57:08 <rrix> spevack: lists qusetions for the red hat brand folks
21:58:36 <rrix> 1) How did you determine the fundamentals of the RH
brand? What was that process like? How long did it take? Is it at a
steady state now?
21:58:52 <rrix> 2) What is the fedora brand, IYHO?
21:59:58 <rrix> 2.1) Do the 4F's make sense? What should we consider
when growing the fedora brand?
22:01:13 <inode0> Do the 4 F's make sense to the people who enhance
the Fedora brand? :)
22:01:41 <rrix> 3) What is the relationship between Branding + Marketing?
22:01:58 <stickster> inode0: Was that a serious question?
22:02:03 <rrix> inode0: is that a question to ask them, or us :)?
22:02:05 <inode0> yes, actually
22:02:20 <stickster> inode0: Who are the people to whom you refer?
22:02:23 <inode0> I think it is more important that contributors get
it than anyone else
22:02:25 * stickster looking to establish context
22:02:29 <rrix> 4) How do you measure the success of a brand?
22:02:39 <stickster> inode0: That's not a question for the RH Brand guys though
22:02:56 <stickster> That definitely *is* a question any Fedora
Branding guidance should be able to answer.
22:03:08 <rrix> 5) How do you massage a brand?
22:03:08 <inode0> No, it was a question to you guys to keep in mind
when they say no, the 4F's don't make sense to them
22:03:16 <stickster> inode0: Well, of course :-)
22:03:26 <stickster> If we can't answer it, we have a big problem
22:03:34 <stickster> But that's why pages like [[Foundations]] exist
22:03:46 <stickster> I'm interested in hearing the questions *they*
ask without having read those pages
22:04:04 <stickster> And if we can answer them readily, then I would
say the answer to your question is, "At least some of them do."
22:04:15 <stickster> And if "some" is not big enough, we need to
continue to (1) Educate
22:04:30 * stickster points back at new skeleton marketing plan for
the "(1) Educate" part
22:04:43 <rrix> 2.05) Do the Foundations make sense? Do they provide a
strong foundation?
22:04:53 <rrix> (underlined and starred)
22:05:36 <rrix> 5.5) Does that change in a many-voices community? (how
do massage a message)
22:05:45 <rrix> grah
22:05:59 <rrix> 5.5) Does that change in a many-voices community
setting v. a buesiness setting? (how do massage a message)
22:06:19 <rrix> 1.9) Where di the RH "brand book" stuff come from ?
22:07:09 <rrix> 6) What questions do you have for us?
22:07:34 <rrix> 2.2) How does Fedora's brand fit into RH's brand strategy?
22:08:06 <rrix> Now that my numbering has made everyone's heaed explode...
22:08:41 <inode0> I would like to know their opinion of this question:
"Where does Fedora's brand value come from?"
22:08:49 <rrix> 6.1) What things can we play with in Fedora-land for
you (maybe if people are interested?)
22:09:39 <quaid> for 1.9, how do you mean "come from"?  How was it generated?
22:09:49 <quaid> and have you all seen ianweller's work on the Fedora
Brand Book?


For those of us attending the FAD in-person - we need to switch up a
bit who is doing transcribing, who is doing talking, etc.

Need to work more on keeping people in the loop who are attending via IRC, etc.

As Paul said earlier today - let's keep on track with not losing time;
we should be making more use of the timer when we're trying to
accomplish things.

Focus on getting deliverables DONE - not falling into conversation ratholes!

Ponies are awesome!

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