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Sun Mar 14 15:07:00 UTC 2010

On Sun 14 March 2010 10:41:44 am Nelson Marques wrote:
>  Nothing and Everything. I'm sorry to say, but to use
> mumble/ventrilo/teamspeak, which handle hundreds of clients (not sure on
> mumble, but Teamspeak and Ventrilo can do it) and provide decent
> features, would just make us a bit more closer to each other.
>  I'm using this for years in several game communities (I've also helped
> a Northern American provider based in Illinois with their
> infra-structure in the past, 2004-2007). 
>  This would just make us closer I guess and communicate in real time. As
> long as you have internet connection and some kind of microphone (all
> laptops should be prepared for this under rough conditions), you can
> communicate jsut like in IRC, but through voice).
>  Even on those days when we're off work we can speak a bit about
> everything and nothing if we have such service available, chill out,
> laugh a bit with each other... The possibilities are kinda infinite.
>  I guess ease of usage would a great pro. Asterisk has different goals
> from this. Anyway, was just a suggestion. I was going to actually
> mention Ventrilo, but found this open source software which seems to be
> pretty good as well.
>  nelson.

Or you could dial into the asterisk server :) You can call from ekiga with 
minimal setup or from a land line which is documented on the site

easy peasy 
Ryan Rix
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