F13 (and onward) default bookmarks

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Mon Mar 15 21:02:17 UTC 2010


One of the things we noticed in the Marketing FAD is that Fedora doesn't 
have a standardized process for keeping the default bookmarks that we 
ship in fedora-bookmarks.rpm updated.

I've taken the liberty of cleaning up the following page, which hadn't 
been touched in several releases:


I'd like to get the following issues sorted out:

(1) The format in which the fedora-bookmarks package owner (Matthias) 
would like the bookmarks for any given release to be delivered.  Is what 
I've done ok, or would you prefer something else?

(2) Checkpoints added to the schedule by which time Marketing needs to 
have the bookmarks for that release (whether alpha, beta, final, etc.) 
in the format defined in (1) so that they can be added to the release, 
and so that Marketing can make sure it does its job here properly.

I know this is a relatively small piece of the release, but the 
bookmarks that we ship by default do have the potential to reach a lot 
of people, so we should be looking them over periodically.


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