Question related to the event I am organizing in Portugal to promote Fedora.

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Mar 16 16:28:51 UTC 2010

>   How can we involve the Fedora community on this?

By doing exactly what you're doing now, and continuing to do it - keep 
working on it yourself, talking publicly about what you're doing and 
what you're thinking about, and putting out requests for help and 
calls-to-action whenever possible.

It doesn't guarantee that people will help - but it increases the 
chances that they will, eventually, pitch in. Sometimes, continuing to 
"work out loud" is the most important thing you can do; people are 
watching, even if they don't speak, and it is *very* hard to predict 
what the magic words are that will trigger an individual contributor to 
jumping in - so just keep telling us what you're doing, telling us what 
you're doing, and telling us what you're doing, and when we can help, we 

> And how can the Marketing Team get involved, because after
> all, I am a Marketing student, and I want to promote open source
> marketing as well.

You could always help the Marketing students and professionals there 
join the team and find something to work on. ;) Getting them on IRC, the 
mailing list, getting them to introduce themselves and ask questions 
about how they can help - we'll find something for them to do.

>   What materials do we have that can be used?
>   Can we establish a link with someone on the artwork team wishing to
> help us?

Yep. The Design team has a mailing list 
(, and also 
an IRC channel (#fedora-design) and if you ask there you may be able to 
find someone to help out.

I know I'm saying things like "may be able to find someone to help" a 
lot - this isn't to be discouraging, or to say people *won't* help - 
they probably will - but since we're generally volunteers around here, I 
can't guarantee the participation of anyone other than myself. ;) Think 
of it as popping your head into a room of friends and saying "hey, does 
anyone want to help out with this?" They might, they might not, but if 
you keep on popping in and asking, and showing that you're working 
towards this on your own ("hey, I'm halfway done - who wants to help me 
finish?" "Hey, this person came and joined me and now we're 80% done, 
who wants to help us finish?") people become more likely to step up and 
join you over time. Momentum builds momentum.

>  From my scope, I am planning to document everything for future usage by
> whoever wants to organize such an event. If my institute gets involved,
> this means I have the opportunity to work with Marketing Professionals
> from my institute and rally support on teachers for the campaign. There
> a lot we all can learn.

Excellent! This is great, Nelson - please keep us in the loop!

>   And if Fedora can provide a Marketing Team speaker to give a conference
> on Open Source Marketing, this would be great.

I'd take this to the Ambassadors list, and tell them the dates of the 
event, and that you're looking for a speaker. Alternatively, I'm sure 
we'd be happy to coach you on this list if you'd like to put together a 
presentation of your own. ;)


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