Question related to the event I am organizing in Portugal to promote Fedora.

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 I'll do this accordingly. Stay tunned.


> >   How can we involve the Fedora community on this?
> By doing exactly what you're doing now, and continuing to do it - keep 
> working on it yourself, talking publicly about what you're doing and 
> what you're thinking about, and putting out requests for help and 
> calls-to-action whenever possible.
> It doesn't guarantee that people will help - but it increases the 
> chances that they will, eventually, pitch in. Sometimes, continuing to 
> "work out loud" is the most important thing you can do; people are 
> watching, even if they don't speak, and it is *very* hard to predict 
> what the magic words are that will trigger an individual contributor to 
> jumping in - so just keep telling us what you're doing, telling us what 
> you're doing, and telling us what you're doing, and when we can help, we 
> will.
> > And how can the Marketing Team get involved, because after
> > all, I am a Marketing student, and I want to promote open source
> > marketing as well.
> You could always help the Marketing students and professionals there 
> join the team and find something to work on. ;) Getting them on IRC, the 
> mailing list, getting them to introduce themselves and ask questions 
> about how they can help - we'll find something for them to do.
> >   What materials do we have that can be used?
> >   Can we establish a link with someone on the artwork team wishing to
> > help us?
> Yep. The Design team has a mailing list 
> (, and also 
> an IRC channel (#fedora-design) and if you ask there you may be able to 
> find someone to help out.
> I know I'm saying things like "may be able to find someone to help" a 
> lot - this isn't to be discouraging, or to say people *won't* help - 
> they probably will - but since we're generally volunteers around here, I 
> can't guarantee the participation of anyone other than myself. ;) Think 
> of it as popping your head into a room of friends and saying "hey, does 
> anyone want to help out with this?" They might, they might not, but if 
> you keep on popping in and asking, and showing that you're working 
> towards this on your own ("hey, I'm halfway done - who wants to help me 
> finish?" "Hey, this person came and joined me and now we're 80% done, 
> who wants to help us finish?") people become more likely to step up and 
> join you over time. Momentum builds momentum.
> >  From my scope, I am planning to document everything for future usage by
> > whoever wants to organize such an event. If my institute gets involved,
> > this means I have the opportunity to work with Marketing Professionals
> > from my institute and rally support on teachers for the campaign. There
> > a lot we all can learn.
> Excellent! This is great, Nelson - please keep us in the loop!
> >   And if Fedora can provide a Marketing Team speaker to give a conference
> > on Open Source Marketing, this would be great.
> I'd take this to the Ambassadors list, and tell them the dates of the 
> event, and that you're looking for a speaker. Alternatively, I'm sure 
> we'd be happy to coach you on this list if you'd like to put together a 
> presentation of your own. ;)
> --Mel
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