F13 (and onward) default bookmarks

Christopher Aillon caillon at redhat.com
Wed Mar 17 15:26:38 UTC 2010

On 03/17/2010 08:19 AM, Max Spevack wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Mar 2010, Christopher Aillon wrote:
>> Man, good question. I think that it might be required per the actual
>> spec, but I don't know how much it matters in practice. Anyway, it's
>> pretty easy to do things the way I outlined in my last mail, so I
>> typically just do it that way which adds all the needed tags, though I
>> do have to manually strip out the ICON ones...
> Chris,
> I'll go about generating the file per your previous email, and then get
> back in touch with you about packaging.
> What's the drop-dead date for including an updated fedora-bookmarks in
> F13 Beta?

Work quickly!  Beta freeze is Tuesday. 

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