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Fri Mar 19 15:48:42 UTC 2010


actually I'm plowing through the texts and putting the modules together,
mix in a bit of designs, etc. I think that will be my work over the weekend.
The list you put together is a good basic for the SOP
- customer / Eventowner / etc. comes with the need.
- plowing through existing modules of presskit and review them
- writing / editing the modules
- deliver the modules

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Am 19.03.2010 08:10, schrieb Mel Chua:
> I originally had this on my to-do list, but I think Henrik may actually 
> be taking them on (based on FAD conversations), so I'm writing my notes 
> here so that he'll either (1) pick them up and tell me what I'm doing 
> wrong, or (2) let me know I'm incorrect and actually need to write this SOP.
> The things that need to happen (all linked from 
> * The F13 press kit ( has a 
> customer (Paul, for the Red Hat Summit in June) - we also need to know 
> specs and a due date for "deliverables" for that.
> * The F13 press kit needs to be finished for Paul in time.
> * The F13 press kit needs remixing instructions so it can be used for 
> other F13-promoting events after the Red Hat Summit.
> * The description of what a press kit is needs to be written: 
> is the page to add content to, and
> * The SOP for press kits needs to be written: 
> is the page to add content to.
> I think that's it; the rest is a bit of wiki gardening we can take care 
> of later. Henrik (or anyone else), thoughts?
> --Mel

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