Limesurvey - Plowing ahead!

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Sun Mar 21 03:51:51 UTC 2010

All -

I'd really like to start nailing down some of our "next steps" for
Limesurvey deployment.  We seem to have a lot of bits of information
floating around but nothing cohesive defining what the steps are to
getting it out the door.  Since we're getting really close to having
Fedora Insight deployed (YAY!!) I think it's a good time to define
what our plan will be for getting another important piece of marketing
infrastructure up and running; once people have more time freed up, we
can actually start plowing through the task list.

I think it would be wise to have an hour-long IRC meeting to discuss
the following:

* A briefing on what our plan of action should be to get any of the
limesurvey packages that have issues (for those not in the loop - some
of the packages have been forked / modified from their originals, for
various reason) into a state where they can be used.  Some background
here on "what has already happened and what we've already discovered"
would be helpful, both in the meeting and then documented in wiki
form; we don't want anyone wasting cycles on reinventing the wheel.

* Figuring out some timelines - how long will packaging / fixing of
packages realistically take, how long to develop the instructions for
the Infrastructure team to get it into testing / deployment, etc. I've
probably skipped over some things here, so I'm counting on those who
are more Zen than I with infrastructure deployments to hit me with the
cluebat here.

* Getting owners for any tasks that we come up with.

* Getting owners for documenting the actual plan of action /
background information / etc. on the wiki in the near-term time frame.

I have added some framework around "what the next steps are" on the
wiki - please take a look.
This is the wiki page where we had previously just been tracking the
individual bz's for limesurvey packages - it makes the most sense to
add in a timeline for packaging and deployment here (imho).

There are probably task items I've missed - if so, please add to the wiki.

If anyone is interested in working on any of the steps listed - or if
anyone has thoughts, etc. - just respond to this mail, and I'll try
and work out an agreeable time with those interested for an IRC
meeting, which would probably be in the next 2 weeks.  Most of our
regular marketing meetings will be revolving around F13 marketing
deliverables for the next few weeks and I don't want to interrupt
taking care of those deliverables... but at the same time, I don't
want to push limesurvey progress out to F28 time frame. :)

Additionally - I've gone in and made a new custom report in the
marketing trac instance for Limesurvey, and added Limesurvey as a
component in trac. (This means that tickets / tasks can actually be
assigned as Limesurvey tickets, rather than just as a general
marketing ticket.)  There are no tickets currently (save for the one I
created to make sure the query I made was actually working) - but I
would like to utilize trac for keeping track (har har) of all the
associated Limesurvey tasks.  The list of available reports for
marketing's Trac instance is at - just click on
Limesurvey to see where all the future tasks will be!  (Sorry, I feel
awesome whenever I figure out how to do something more technically
advanced than writing wiki pages. :D)

Also - David, I know you pointed me upwards in logs to a discussion
you had with someone from limesurvey on IRC at some point in the past
few days - it's long since scrolled off of my IRC backlog, as well as
my memory.  Can you bring everyone up to speed on what he had to say?
I think it was mostly a background / why limesurvey forked things

Thanks everyone!!


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