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María Leandro tatica at
Sun Mar 21 05:37:01 UTC 2010

I'm on it!!!!!

Since I bought the guitar I always carry frets on fire and people get more
interested in the fedora both :D


2010/3/20 wonderer <wonderer4711 at>

> Hy there,
> some days ago at the Marketing FAD 2010 as Paul and I stand in front of
> a small guitar shop I had the idea to have some kind of Fedora Band.
> At events like FUDCON or summit's, etc. we can perform live and the
> other time we can exercise over the Internet. Other ideas welcome.
> I found a tool like wich we can use, but
> maybe some other guys know other tools. Also I do not think that the
> Fedoraband like that one has anything to do
> with us (if otherwise known please tell me ;-) ).
> If somebody think thats a cool idea and want to participate, please have
> a look at for more
> info and check yourself in. So, rock it!
> mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
> Henrik Heigl - wonderer at
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