Talking_points and TalkingPoints.... wiki page questions

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Sun Mar 21 06:36:42 UTC 2010

We have two wiki pages titled Talking points..., which is a category
containing the SOP, template, and historical itemized Talking Points
that are written specifically for each cycle, and also - which is more
of a high-level list of talking points that Ambassadors can use which
are more "permanent" in nature and speak more to Fedora's vision,
community, etc. than they do to very specific improvements and

Here are my multiple questions:

#1) I don't have a problem with leaving these pages named as they are
- they both are truly sets of Talking points.  Would it be helpful to
at least link into the page the fact that - "Hey, you may be looking
for the -other- talking points" - particularly for people who may be
landing on these wiki pages via search?

#2) This page -
which i think is primarily used by Ambassadors, I'm not sure who else
may use it - has not been updated since Feb. 2009.  While I think this
page should be fairly stable - we do have a lot of things listed in
this section,
--- which we could probably revisit from cycle to cycle. Do we have
anything important to add as far as "developments in free and open
software," are the spins listed still applicable, are the derivative
distributions still applicable?

Additionally - should this be added as a separate line item task each
cycle as "Something we need to double check for continuing validity,"
and then - who should the owner be? Obviously it seems to fall under
the "marketing" hat right now - just by looking at the URL hierarchy -
but is this something that the Ambassadors might want to be the owner
of instead? Or - at the bare minimum - do the Ambassadors want to be
notified of when ANYTHING is changed here, so that word can be spread?


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