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Pascal Calarco pcalarco at nd.edu
Mon Mar 22 13:49:39 UTC 2010

On 03/22/2010 09:35 AM, Rashadul Islam wrote:
> Dear Editors:
> The announcement beat will be updated within 36 hours from now. Please 
> hold the announcements.
> Thanking you,
> Rashadul Islam
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Hi Rashadul and FWN Team --

The beats are usually submitted by sometime before about 18:00 UTC on 
Mondays, and usually what beat writers do is if they can't get a beat in 
by then, we skip that week and hold for the following week.

As of right now, we only have two beats in, Planet and Security Advisories.

Are there other writers who also need more time?  Larry, Adam W., 
Neville, Ryan, what are your plans for this issue?  We have a couple 

1) Change FWN release date to be Tuesday or Wednesday this week only
2) Change FWN release date to be Tuesday or Wednesday permanently, to 
give people more time at the beginning of the week to complete their beats
3) Skip this next issue if we do not have enough content to warrant an issue
4) Move to a biweekly format (once every two weeks), coming out on 
either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

I'd suggest that I have noted a couple trends over the past year or so:

1) some writers are finding it hard to sustain a weekly time commitment 
to produce a beat
2) it is hard to attract new beat writers because of the time commitment
3) there is often not enough content in some beats to warrant a weekly beat

I am also cross-posting this to the Marketing list as folks there might 
have some useful ideas.  What would be the impact, do you think, of FWN 
moving to a bi-weekly frequency?  Thanks for everyone's thoughts!

   - pascal

Pascal Calarco
Editor, Fedora Weekly News
Fedora Ambassador, Indiana, USA
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