Today's Marketing Meeting & some other stuff.

Nelson Marques 07721 at
Tue Mar 23 16:38:59 UTC 2010

Good people,

 I won't be attending today's Marketing gathering/reunion/meeting
because I will be attending a meeting with EMA (Municipal Stadium of
Aveiro) Administration regarding a project that is a joint venture
between my school and the city hall. This is important not only for me,
for also for the unborn Fedora Portuguese Community and there is some
stuff I need from those people, and once I start wiki'ing this "evil
plan" of mine there is a lot that can happen.

 I'm also meeting the Administration of my Institute in 20 minutes, this
got me by surprise, but I would consider this a very good thing. This
meeting is about the Event I'm planning and that's to decide how they
are going to get involved (only infra-structure, or more), obviously I
have some weird stuff going on also on the background with the City
Hall, so that despite of their decisions I don't run out of options and
off course to have some extra leverage on my side.

 I'm shouldering rifle, pike and saber and now it's time for me to meet
them heads on. Whish me luck.


 PS: Strange orgasmic blogging on planet, a bit out of scope and maybe
psycho minded, but thats just me :)

Nelson Marques <07721 at>

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