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Wed Mar 24 18:42:45 UTC 2010

Hi all,

 I would like to point a couple of things to this list...

 * I'm not a wiki guru, though I'm trying to improve this.

 The previous link is something in which I will be working for the
future alongside with the SWOT.
 Following a proposal from Rodrigo to build a PT_PT local Fedora
Community, I am gathering all the information that I can alongside with
the methods I will be using to explore possibilities and make this
happen. The previous link is where I'm going to deploy all the stuff I'm
working. Don't see this as a production document and please keep it
within the Marketing group only until there is actually something to
show. I will documentate everything in a set of links on the wiki page
flagged under the following categories: nmarques | Marketing.

 Anyone who wants to keep up with my work or help, please feel free to
also edit and improve. I would ask kindly if someone can review my
English once in a while and correct it to do so.

 I hope the title won't intimidate anyone and it might be misleading. In
fact the community is already builded ;) by yourselfs and those
previously, though this is to be taken at a local level, establishing a
Fedora Community in a small country like Portugal, from where we want to
do the following:

 * Create events
 * Promote Fedora Core Linux
 * Promote Fedora technology
 * Gather contributors
 * Increase Fedora community, locally and internationaly
 * Be a beacon of light in the Portuguese FOSS world
 * Help other organizations like ANSOL
 * Actively place pressure on governamental institutions (like ANSOL is
 * Develop bonds with strategical partners


 Regarding the SWOT

 I will be messing up with the SWOT page soon
( and start working towards
it. I've got a lot of information to share regarding external
environment and will call upon help for the internal environment to the
community. This is to be done regarding Fedora 12... and later to be
redone and reviewed after every Release cycle. I will be maintaining
this and keeping this alive.

 And since most of you are stressing out with so much information, a
link to chill out, one of my favourites:

 Strongly recommend if you like (got mine already):


Nelson Marques <07721 at>

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