3 upcoming Fedora Marketing Classroom sessions

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Thu Mar 25 20:06:50 UTC 2010

At the Marketing FAD, one thing we agreed on was that (1) we have a lot 
to learn, and (2) getting cool people into Fedora Classroom to teach 
things so we can document their wisdom for posterity would be totally 

Kara Schiltz, Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, and Sean Daly have all stepped up 
with generous offers to run Fedora Classroom sessions on various 
Marketing/Brand/PR related topics they have expertises in during the 
month of April - so this is a heads-up, a quick way to nail the 
scheduling down, and a chance for people to give feedback on the topics 
coming up. (Are these what folks are interested in? What would you like 
to see/hear? Who would you like to hear from?)

Thanks to Kara, Zonker, and Sean for offering to spend time with us!


== Kara: PR workflow demystified ==

Kara: is free in mid-to-late April, so I will propose April 13 (Tuesday) 
- if that's not too early in the month. I was thinking either 3-4pm EDT 
or 5-6pm EDT on that day so it comes either right before or after our 
weekly Marketing meeting - Kara, would that be ok with you? If not, when 
would be a good date and time? We're flexible.

Topic: the existing workflow and decisionmaking process around doing PR 
for Fedora. How do you choose what audiences to target for what message 
about what feature when? Also, what would you like to see for 
international PR around Fedora (can you help us articulate a target that 
the community can work to hit)?

== Zonker: How to make life awesome for journalists ==

Zonker: April 20 (Tuesday) - he can do anytime between 9am-6pm EDT, but 
I'm also going to propose either 3-4pm EDT or 5-6pm EDT for this one. 
(Zonker, your pick - and if neither works for you, counterpropose.)

Topic: what does the distro release PR process look like from the 
perspective of a journalist, and what are the things we (as a project's 
marketing team) can do to make life easier for you (the journalist)?

== Sean:

Sean: Would April 27 (Tuesday) work for you? The timing might be more 
difficult because Sean is in France (iirc) and so our normal Marketing 
meeting time is quite late in the evening for him. Sean, if 3-4pm EDT 
(1900 UTC) on that date would work for you, that would be great - if 
not, perhaps immediately after your Sugar Labs marketing meeting, which 
I believe would be 16:00 UTC? (If neither works for you, counterpropose.)

Topic: Fedora marketing business case - explore what the targets,
brand values, and priorities are. (This ties in nicely with what Nelson 
has been working on, and I think will bring us full-circle just in time 
to think about F14 going forward.)

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