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Ahoy hoy Marketeers!

Some of us were in IRC [1][2][3]discussing how Fedora, Video, and
(Software) Freedom can all co-exsit peacefully. 

I think that we have come up with a really good Stage One solution (I
have some other ideas but lets get this one off the ground first). This
stage is creating an account with the Internet Archive
(http://archive.org).  The Internet Archive allows people to upload
media as long as it is under a shareable license, and since we all love
CC so much our love of CC-BY and CC-BY-SA are a perfect fit.  We also
have this Foundation of Freedom which I personally read as Software
Freedom.  The Internet Archive is a good fit here because they allow
users to upload in the OGG Theora format and will embed said OGG files
using the nifty new HTML5 video tags.  

So here are the problems.  How do we create an account on a service and
allow Fedorians around the world to upload there without giving everyone
in the world the password (can this somehow be tied into FAS?)?  How can
we make sure that all of the content is always CC-BY or BY-SA and in the
Freedom loving OGG format?  How can we make this uniquly Fedora? (this
isn't totally nessisary but would be really nice to be able to pull off)

So this is currently where we stand.  thoughts?

[1] Minutes:
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