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 Though this is not of *major* relevance to this list, I've scrybed some
stuff here:

 That's a set of 60 affirmations. This affirmations are constructed in
way that the user can assign 1 or 0 to every single of them.
 In the end, they will provide the positioning of one's personality and
communication skill's accordingly to the following:

 * Passive escape attitude.
 * Aggressive Attack attitude.
 * Manipulation attitude.
 * Assertive or Self-Affirmation attitude.

 -- Request - Can someone edit and review English on those sentences?
Feel free to commit changes as long as they don't change the meaning of
the sentence.

 There is also

 In which I'm scrybing now that provides an interpretation of the
results from the previous page.

 The goal is to establish a simple Personality Test for everyone who
wants to do it. I'll provide enough information there for one to
accomplish this without any involvements of third parties, see it as if
you are curious about yourself and your personality, you can dig up a
"psychological" explanation for the results. I'm doing in a way that
there are no public results ;) So it's really from a personal point of

 Yet another *worthless* (or maybe not) contribution.


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