Need some time in a future Marketing Meeting.

Nelson Marques 07721 at
Sun Mar 28 19:01:13 UTC 2010

If possible I would like to get some space in one of our Marketing Team
meeting to introduce and discuss some topics:

 * Cultural aspects in Communication - it's importance, as Fedora aims
to an International Community.
 * Consider what we shouldn't associate with Fedora.
 * Symbology and Brand Association
 * Restriction policy towards potential "harmful" symbology

 We should focus on this for future releases as I've runned across some
other topics and despite being loaded of work, I'll drop a bit on
everything so we can push this forward as fast as we can. I don't
believe we can accomplish such before F13 Release, but at least we can
start thinking on providing such grounds for F14 release.

 All this freedom thing is nice, but some people really don't get the
picture that using some symbology (despite of their personal opinion)
that has strong negative connotations is harmful.

 Give me 2 weeks to get prepared, set a document and gather some
scientific marketing production to backup this subject and present it. 
 If possible I would like to go remote on voice aswell for this.


Nelson Marques <07721 at>

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