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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Mon Mar 29 06:42:39 UTC 2010

On 03/27/2010 02:13 PM, Mel Chua wrote:
>> So this is currently where we stand.  thoughts?
> The question in my mind is how, while still starting from our shared
> foundation of Freedom, we can make these videos as accessible and
> consumable by others as possible. In particular, we hope many of these
> videos will reach people who *aren't* already using Fedora and Free
> Software, so that they will *start* using Fedora and Free Software - how
> do we make this experience as easy and pleasant as possible for them as
> possible? They probably won't care about ogg/html5... they're just going
> to want to watch the video. (This is similar to the discussion we had
> earlier about using twitter alongside identi.ca - we need to make sure
> that we're not just preaching to the choir.)

If what we want is to reach as many people as possible we have to go 
where the users are, even this means non-free channels. Have the master, 
canonical, source in Free formats delivered by standard code (like 
archive.org) but put copies everywhere, YouTube and such.

> I'm hoping this question is something that students, as folks new to
> Fedora and probably new to open source, but veterans of social media,
> will be able to help us with.

I am not a veteran but also not a total newbie and my experience is 
painful... right now I am preparing a clip (not directly Fedora related 
but about Document Freedom Day): it was edited in Fedora and due to the 
software (from rpmfusion) being buggy I had to save as .mp4 (h264) and 
try to convert later to Theora. In this particular case the mp4 has 
235MB and by converting to ogv the file size *increased* to 627MB (it 
does not happen usually, probably because it was filmed outdoors). 
Finding a hosting solution for the Free version is going to be 
troublesome for me.

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