Self-introduction: Pascal Calarco

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at
Mon Mar 29 17:40:24 UTC 2010

Hi marketing folk --

My name is Pascal Calarco (FAS:pcalarco)[1].  I am interested in 
participating with the Marketing team in Fedora, because the good folk 
here are a dynamic and enthusiastic bunch and we have been collaborating 
over the past few months on getting Fedora Insight[2] configured, 
developed and moving forward for an expected F13 launch.  I think by 
being an explicit member of the Marketing team, this will help this 
collaboration further.

I have been a member of the Fedora Ambassadors team for a couple years 
and also have been a editorial team member of the Fedora Weekly News 
since issue 133 (July 5, 2008) and as a writer since before that.  I 
have been a daily user of Fedora as my primary personal & work computing 
environment since Fedora Core 2, and since then have thought that Fedora 
is absolutely the best Linux distro for me as a technical manager and 
power user.  I have used Red Hat Linux, Mandrake/Mandriva, Ubuntu and 
OpenSUSE at various points in the past and keep coming back to Fedora.  
Fedora to me is a great blend of cutting edge desktop experience, a 
vibrant community that I can contribute to and collaborate with others 
very meaningfully, and an excellent way for me to keep up my technical 
skills cred with my career.  Fedora's professed values of  "Features, 
Freedom, Friends, First" really resonates with me as I am also a 
librarian by profession, as we value open access to information, 
intellectual freedom, collaborative empowerment, service and lifelong 
learning, so the Fedora Project is a natural professional "second home" 
for me in a very real sense. When I am not working at Fedora, I am 
working as department head for our Library Information Systems group of 
10 in the Hesburgh Libraries at the University of Notre Dame[3].  I am a 
genealogy nut, an avid reader, a radio DJ for a weekly jazz program on 
campus, a cyclist commuter, and father and husband.

I see the Fedora Weekly News[4] as a very natural extension of the 
Marketing Team.  Everything we do with FWN is to inform, influence and 
enthuse those who use, develop, enhance and manage Fedora Linux and 
demonstrate why we are a great technology community that deserves our 
daily use, participation, and support.  With Fedora Insight, I think we 
can strengthen this relationship between the Weekly News and Marketing 
teams, making our combined efforts even more obvious and impactful.

What I can bring to the Fedora Marketing team is the perspective of a 
Fedora power user, a faculty member on a college campus, light project 
management skills and dedication to the Fedora Project.


Pascal Calarco
Editor, Fedora Weekly News
Fedora Ambassador, Indiana, USA

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