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Nelson Marques 07721 at ipam.pt
Wed Mar 31 00:35:31 UTC 2010

As most will know, I've got assigned with the NetworkManager Feature
Profiles. To accomplish this, I would like to point the following:

 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Network_Manager_Workbench

This is where I'm going to gather all the information I've collected.
This is not in any way a final version or something that will remain for
long. This is basically for me to work out a structure and later on will
move the reviewed contents to the final destination that someone will
provide me (Mel et all, could provide some input for the right place and
designation for this?).


* The screenshots are not definitive, it's just a caption of things I
found relevant and might change depending on the interviews.
* I will use this very same page to work the raw interview material
(edited). Anyone has a though about where to place the un-edited
material for later usage if needed ?
* The screenshots do not hold valid information. No need to camp my
house door for free internet, or to worry about something regarding it's
* I've taken the screenshots on Fedora 12, with a vanilla user, using
the vanilla pre-set artwork (GNOME + GTK Fedora Theme + Default pointer,
* Everyone is free to participate and edit (specially english native
speakers, since English isn't my native language).
* Any suggestions will be considered (most likely added/reviewed), I've
kept a special place (end of page) for anyone's suggestions.

 Working on:

 - Gathering background information regarding NetworkManager.
 - Preparing Interviews for developers.
 - wiki skills.

 As always feel free to highlight and participate with comments,
suggestions, information, critics and whatever you find relevant.

 Thanks all for surviving this wall of text.


Nelson Marques
Private Contact- 07721 at ipam.pt

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