Call for help/ideas: Beta announcement, briefing Ambassadors

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Mar 31 04:13:00 UTC 2010

 From the meeting today:

We need someone to work with Docs (likely tomorrow night?) to write the 
Beta announcement - any volunteers? Support and a howto can be 
provided[0]. ;)

We also need to figure out what we would like to do to brief Ambassadors 
this round. An incredibly stubby stub page for this is up at - if you have 
any thoughts, please add them here. I'll be taking a second pass 
tomorrow, but right now I'm drawing an utter blank.

Any takers? These are both great things for new folks to get started 
with (the second one is particularly good for people who are experienced 
Ambassadors, but new to Marketing).


[0] by which I mean "I'm sure we can improvise a set of directions to 
follow here, based on prior beta release announcement emails."

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