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André Braga alsbraga at
Tue May 4 22:57:18 UTC 2010

Dear Mr. Marques

My name is André Braga. I'm writing from Brasilia, Brazil. I'm a Linux
user and enthusiast as you. I've started using Linux with a Brazilian
Red Hat based distribution: Conectiva Linux The first version of Conectiva
was distributed back in 1997. Maybe you've heard about Marcelo Tosatti He started his career at
Conectiva. Mandrakesoft bought the company in 2005 (for 1.79 million
euros). I jumped to Fedora 2 at that time.

The previous paragraph is about one single distribution. If you search
a little, you'll notice that Brazil has an important role in the Linux
community and in the use of the Portuguese language within Linux. So,
it is not odd that we may find many pages in pt_BR, even when one
could expect only pt.

We also play an important role in the Portuguese language, which we
thankfully inherited from the great explorer Portugal country. I'd
like to state that we Brazilians love Portuguese as much as you
people. We also love Portugal's culture, despite of some prejudice we
may suffer. Nevertheless, an uncountable number of Portuguese came to
my gentle land to make their life since 1500, the beginning, until
now. More than 1,000,000 Portuguese were embraced in Brazil only in
the 20th century (
Portugal has now near 11,000,000 people but it spreaded its beautiful
language through many countries. We are more than 190,000,000
Portuguese speakers in Brazil!

Above all this flame, it is important to know that there is not such a
thing as a “correct Portuguese (European)”. I could mention many
historical facts which support this statement, but the real point is
that since 01-jan-2010 the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement
of 1990 came into force. From Wikipedia:  “The Portuguese Language
Orthographic Agreement of 1990 (in Portuguese, Acordo Ortográfico da
Língua Portuguesa de 1990) is an international treaty whose purpose is
to create a unified orthography for the Portuguese language, to be
used by all the countries that have Portuguese as their official
language. It was signed by official representatives from seven of the
eight Portuguese-language countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde,
Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé e Príncipe, in
Lisbon, on December 16, 1990, at the end of a negotiation, begun in
1980, between the Lisbon Science Academy and the Brazilian Academy of

Besides, the mentioned page is not in pt_BR. Also, it is not that bad,
anyway! The word "cobrar" is badly employed, it is true. Maybe you can
also complain about the use of "você", but you can check that it is
listed in this PORTUGUESE on-line dictionary The rest is
mostly a matter of writing style.

Anyway. Is it really that important? As for me, you can go there and
change everything. I'll still love Portuguese and Linux.

Kind regards.
André Luiz Sordi Braga

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