Fedora Project em Português

Nelson Marques 07721 at ipam.pt
Thu May 6 04:27:21 UTC 2010


For expressions like: Above all this flame, it is important to know that
there is not such a thing as a “correct Portuguese (European)”. 

I am expecting public apologies from it's author. Else, I will take
actions, in this list would be nice also from Mário Torre for refering
my official language as a dialect. That is a very depreciate comment.


On Wed, 2010-05-05 at 20:46 -0400, David Nalley wrote:
> Nelson: in response to your question of whether or not you should
> depart. I certainly hope that you don't. I see great potential in some
> of the work you are doing, and hope to see that flourish. However,
> Fedora is a community, and the members of that community must respect
> one another. Moreover I think, there's a technical solution to all of
> this, that would obviate the disagreement. That being said, continued
> behavior as seen in this thread, on your part or other's is not
> tolerable. 
Nelson Marques
Evil Clown (http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/warriorshtm/evilclown.htm)

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