Nelson Marques 07721 at ipam.pt
Thu May 6 16:11:24 UTC 2010

Dear all,

Something came up the other day in the trans_PT lists and I'm pushing a
FAD in Portugal forward.

Some minor details are to be found here:

Currently there is no date assigned because our national community is so
small that we're trying to select a date where everyone can be present.

Once we have the date we're going to place it also on the Event page and
follow the normal guidelines for this.

Our goals with this FAD is to provide a self-assessment of the Project
Fedora in Portugal and it's contributors/user base.

I'm going to call-in a press release, so there might be journalists
present from national specialized and generic press to cover this event,
including a TV team from SIC Radical (http://sicradical.sapo.pt/) which
is very friendly towards this events and a channel directed to younger

I would like to request the following on this list, specially from EMEA.

* I am not aware of Portuguese current Ambassadors; if there are none, I
would like to check for volunteers during the FAD, as it will become
important to have our own Ambassadors. Therefore, I would like to place
an invitation for EMEA so send in someone who can represent it if that
is possible.

* This event is to be reported to Ambassadors list, when the time comes,
can I contact someone to pass the word on the Ambassadors list? Gerold?
JSimon? Wonderer?

* I would like also to know if there are Ambassadors in Spain located in
Galicia. If so, I would kindly ask someone of EMEA to check availability
on them and address them an invitation as well. Galicia and Portugal are
very close in Language, culture and History. We would like for sure to
work closer to them.

* I would like to place a formal request, and this would be awesome to
be discussed during the FAD, once more it could be relevant to have
someone from EMEA present, so that future Portuguese Ambassadors could
be tutored by EMEA Ambassadors.

* I never got to know how Ambassadors do work, but I would like to let
everyone know that during this FAD we are taking the Ambassadorial work
as very serious thing, and probably as the main critical factor of
success in establishing a community in Portugal, and more important keep
it alive, which is the hard part. So If there is present a Ambassador
from Fedora EMEA, I would request a small presentation about
bidirectional communication. Something in the line of:

 Ambassadorial Work:

 Represent Fedora before the Community | Represent the Community before

 I would recon this would only work if such connections are established
and work in a bidirectional way.

* I would like to remember EMEA, that Portugal leads the PALOP's
organization (Official Portuguese Speaking Countries in Africa). We are
they key for a good part of Africa, and all of them speak and signed all
the Portuguese treaties. The Portuguese teached in Africa is the same
teached in Portugal. This could be relevant, as Africa is a part of
EMEA, and projects like OLPC can be more effective by having a strong
Portuguese presence in the Project.

 Once I have feedback from the current Portuguese team, a date will be
set and everyone will be informed in a formal way. I would though
request someone from EMEA to pass on a future email to the Ambassadors

 This are some concerns, I would also like to place a request not to
troll this thread, as it's something constructive for the benefit of


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