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Thu May 6 16:45:29 UTC 2010

On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 9:11 AM, Nelson Marques <07721 at ipam.pt> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Something came up the other day in the trans_PT lists and I'm pushing a
> FAD in Portugal forward.
> Some minor details are to be found here:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PtFAD
> Currently there is no date assigned because our national community is so
> small that we're trying to select a date where everyone can be present.
> Once we have the date we're going to place it also on the Event page and
> follow the normal guidelines for this.
> Our goals with this FAD is to provide a self-assessment of the Project
> Fedora in Portugal and it's contributors/user base.

I think this is a good idea; I'd just like to point out, from at least
my own personal experience, that it will be helpful for you to add
more specific deliverables to your agenda, rather than a general
"self-assessment."  Even if those deliverables look something like:

* Hour 1-2: Define the specific items we are going to assess
* Hours 3-6: Wiki each of these items with detail on where each of
these specific criteria currently fall on a success scale

etc.  Whatever seems logical.  It's too easy to spend an entire day
thinking about a giant document of self-assessment and then not
getting anything accomplished.  If you break it up into individual
pieces - and by time - I think you are more likely to produce results.

IMO - The most important thing here to think about is - what are you
going to do with the information you get from self-assessment? I would
recommend that you add some time into the schedule for the following:

* Where are you now (which is the self-assessment)
* Where do you want to be (and what are the criteria for success there)
* What are your steps and milestones to get from where you are now -
to where you want to be in the future
* How are you planning on checking / updating the status of your progress

> I'm going to call-in a press release, so there might be journalists
> present from national specialized and generic press to cover this event,
> including a TV team from SIC Radical (http://sicradical.sapo.pt/) which
> is very friendly towards this events and a channel directed to younger
> people.

How are you planning on using this press time exactly?

> I would like to request the following on this list, specially from EMEA.
> * I am not aware of Portuguese current Ambassadors; if there are none, I
> would like to check for volunteers during the FAD, as it will become
> important to have our own Ambassadors. Therefore, I would like to place
> an invitation for EMEA so send in someone who can represent it if that
> is possible.
> * This event is to be reported to Ambassadors list, when the time comes,
> can I contact someone to pass the word on the Ambassadors list? Gerold?
> JSimon? Wonderer?
> * I would like also to know if there are Ambassadors in Spain located in
> Galicia. If so, I would kindly ask someone of EMEA to check availability
> on them and address them an invitation as well. Galicia and Portugal are
> very close in Language, culture and History. We would like for sure to
> work closer to them.
> * I would like to place a formal request, and this would be awesome to
> be discussed during the FAD, once more it could be relevant to have
> someone from EMEA present, so that future Portuguese Ambassadors could
> be tutored by EMEA Ambassadors.
> * I never got to know how Ambassadors do work, but I would like to let
> everyone know that during this FAD we are taking the Ambassadorial work
> as very serious thing, and probably as the main critical factor of
> success in establishing a community in Portugal, and more important keep
> it alive, which is the hard part. So If there is present a Ambassador
> from Fedora EMEA, I would request a small presentation about
> bidirectional communication. Something in the line of:
>  Ambassadorial Work:
>  Represent Fedora before the Community | Represent the Community before
> Fedora.
>  I would recon this would only work if such connections are established
> and work in a bidirectional way.
> * I would like to remember EMEA, that Portugal leads the PALOP's
> organization (Official Portuguese Speaking Countries in Africa). We are
> they key for a good part of Africa, and all of them speak and signed all
> the Portuguese treaties. The Portuguese teached in Africa is the same
> teached in Portugal. This could be relevant, as Africa is a part of
> EMEA, and projects like OLPC can be more effective by having a strong
> Portuguese presence in the Project.
>  Once I have feedback from the current Portuguese team, a date will be
> set and everyone will be informed in a formal way. I would though
> request someone from EMEA to pass on a future email to the Ambassadors
> list.
>  This are some concerns, I would also like to place a request not to
> troll this thread, as it's something constructive for the benefit of
> all.
>  Nelson.
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