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Hy Nelson,

you probably would make a good politician, but no good community member.
Would you please answer Robyns questions before you let tons of text
here?! Thanks.
How many events did you organize so far?

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
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Am 08.05.2010 18:08, schrieb Nelson Marques:
> Robyn,
> I've placed probably too much information and in a confusing way, let me
> take a more clean and objective approach regarding some points:
> # media - events made in my University are always subject of a press
> release to my university's normal channels. We usually promote around
> 180 events in average per year in many fields, from Marketing to local
> Industry promotion (ex: Marketing workshops, IPAM Fashion, etc). So this
> will trigger the possibility of having press visinting us, and we should
> be prepared.
>  From a personal point, I can make things more easy. In the past I've
> worked for a company which is now part of GFI Group (France). During
> those days we've worked closely with a company that provides SIC local
> reporting teams. So yes, I do have a premier channel to call them in.
> But this will only happen if there is something I want to share. Since
> this is a kick-off for Portuguese Fedora Community, could be nice.
> # EMEA - Why I asked EMEA to be present? Because I can't deliver a
> passionate message about "becoming an Ambassador". During my several
> calls on the community normal channels, none has been answered, so I'm
> assuming we don't have active Ambassadors in Portugal, and the only one
> who managed this call, as been turned down as Ambassador due to "not
> enough work". Well, this is discussable as I'm not sure in what grounds
> such statements were made. Having EMEA would provide a more friendly
> approach in setting goals and would make things more transparent. My
> wishes were that we could stimulate and gather 1 or 2 Ambassadors,
> having EMEA to provide them with all the passionate experience of being
> an ambassador and take a more friendly approach on them, as they will
> become the ramp between Fedora enthusiasts in Portugal and Fedora
> Project. This would be something worth for a TV to cover for instance
> and press. How something is born. If such happened would be a boost in
> Fedora notoriety in Portugal, as we would for sure be promoting one of
> our Foundations, FIRST!.
> # Workflow - Now a brief about what I pretend to accomplish, this comes
> in 3 topics and though they can be extensive and could translate in
> probably hundreds of work hours, they are worth it, and we need to start
> at some point.
>  1. Ambassadors > I would like to see 1 or 2 Ambassadors coming out of
> this event and having the goals very well defined. This would be the
> premier interface in a bidirectional relation:
>   Fedora Project > Portuguese Fedora Community
>   Portuguese Fedora Community > Fedora Project
>  Like I stated before, I don't have the passionate speech to promote
> Ambassadorial work. This would produce 1 Document with Goals and a
> timeframe to get them accomplished. Medium term goals. Short term goals
> are something I believe that from a strategical point of view are not to
> be considered at this moment. Maybe within a couple of months/half year.
>  2. pt_PT. This is a very important field as we have the majority of our
> contributors in this field (from my current knowledge). A self
> assessment of the current status should be mandatory in this terms:
>   -- How many are we?
>   -- Current status of pt_PT workflow.
>   -- Possible interfaces to other pt_PT translation units (ex: GNOME,
> KDE).
>  In this field, I would like to invite someone from ANSOL
> (http://www.ansol.org) to be present which could at a higher level help
> me in the future to establish contacts with the Academy in order to
> provide documentation for Normalized and Standardized Portuguese.
> Portuguese was called in past a "dialect", a dialect by definition in
> Portugal is a derivation (a fork ?) of the normalized/standardized
> language, which in our case is the Portuguese. I would like to provide
> Fedora and everyone else a set of documentation by this.
>  I would like to get cooperation with ANSOL so that we can establish
> contacts in order that ANSOL can provide a way to coordinate all
> Portuguese translation teams with information and a eventually get the
> cooperation of the Academy through a mailling list where our translators
> and everyone else could clear doubts.
>  How does this relate to Fedora? Easy and awesome, FIRST once more. If
> such happens, we can be proud to say that Fedora provides pt_PT
> normalized accepted and working according to the normalized Portuguese.
> This will be a key feature to projects like OLPC and others which might
> get a very important and relevant role in some African countries. Don't
> ignore we lead PALOP's (African Official Portuguese Speaking Countries).
> Even in this situation (and those contries like Angola, the most
> expanding economy in the world (2009), pt_PT will be important and we
> can even provide support for their own translation teams).
>  From this, I would like to provide a document with clear goals. I am
> willing to push this effort forward on behalf of Fedora. If such happens
> there is a great chance that Fedora will be the one providing better
> pt_PT integration (and through ANSOL, we can assure this integration by
> coordinating efforts with other translation teams which are independent,
> ex: GNOME).
>  This is awesome if it gets covered by the media, as this will provide
> the world the goal that FOSS and Fedora care about providing good
> contents and efforts at a localized level. This will help increase
> Fedora notoriety in Portugal and hopefully bring more people to us.
> Combined this with our prime engineering... the possibilities are
> encouraging.
>  3. Current Portuguese Fedora contributors - In this field I would like
> to discuss with the Portuguese contributors in which ways we can relate
> our efforts to support each other. A bridge between Marketing and
> Trans_PT will be very benefit to the Project, allowing a more powerful
> deployment and a more targeted approach. Together we can stimulate more
> people to join us, can support more projects and eventually if we have
> manpower even get more stuff into Portuguese.
>  I would also like to check with the people present a new approach of
> having our little group working as a launch ramp to Fedora for new
> Portuguese contributors. I understand most teams don't have the time
> available to do a more personal approach on new users. I would like to
> gather everyone's expertise and try to provide a local solution for this
> to new Portuguese contributors. Having the support of a local community
> which can provide a more personal approach and help/guide them during
> the first steps will provide a better integration and will strengthen
> the union of our contributors on the project.
>  This has to be analyzed by everyone on the FAD in order for us to see
> what we can do. Once more, EMEA could have a great role here.
>  Other considerations: We are few, but our few share a huge set of
> characteristics with Spanish people at all levels: language (orthography
> not for sure, but semantics and grammar), culture, ideology and
> geographical positions. We also share one thing that is great, Spain at
> some point has a huge community that speaks Spanish, and the Portuguese
> has a huge community that speaks Portuguese. I would like to see that we
> could work together in the future.
>  This FAD is more strategical and less operational, but giving the
> conditions that we are starting here something, I would consider this to
> be mandatory.
>  For working, I'm thinking on using Gobby, therefore we can have a place
> for remote attendies. I know there are some people from Azores and
> Madeira that would like to join our efforts. Though they are not related
> to Fedora in a direct way, they are GNOME contributors, and some of them
> use Fedora. I met them in #fedora-pt. IRC is also an option for sharing
> our thoughts with people. Though we're working on Portuguese, I would
> like to keep IRC in english to we can extend this FAD to anyone willing
> to join us on this effort.
>  Back into the media: If ANSOL is present, their distribution channels
> bring people and provide interest. If we can accomplish those spoken
> above, this will be important path breaking and will promote all the
> Fedora Foundations.
>  Freedom > Freedom to share and carve our own destiny within Fedora (no,
> this is not to be faced as separatist move, on the contrary, a union of
> Portuguese with International community).
>  First > we will be exploring a set of possibilities that later on can
> be followed by many.
>  Features > we will providing new featured approach into the project in
> a localized way. Like a start ramp to people who want to get involved in
> Portugal.
>  Friends > no need to explain.
>  I believe that this is objective and something we can achieve, and that
> my requests for EMEA to be present is valid, as the investment from
> Fedora.
>  If this happens and is well accepted, it means one thing: we need to
> have a system where others can pick up and replace people when needed
> and keep the community in motion, else it will fade and disappear. My
> personal approach on this could be the one of "blitzkrieg", swift and
> hard towards (no political meaning).
>  I hope this is more enlightening. If EMEA isnt showing up or ANSOL not
> showing up, we can still accomplish the majority and try to stimulate
> Ambassadors, but if that is that is what will happen, I am hopping that
> EMEA understands the importance of this steps as the start of a
> community inside of a international community and gives the correct
> relevance and efforts on this.
>  We are only counting on things we can do by ourselfs and that we have
> time for it and at no point we will deploy extra load on existing fedora
> teams, this is a very simple goal.
>  I understand that inter-continental stuff is expensive but I would like
> to leave an invitation to anyone who would like to be present. Like I
> said we are few, but it always starts with a group of few dedicated
> people.
>  As for segmenting the time, yes, but on the correct time, not now where
> everything is still opened and vague.
>  nelson.
> On Thu, 2010-05-06 at 10:50 -0700, Robyn Bergeron wrote:
>> Let me be a little more precise here:  What exactly will you be doing
>> while, for instance, people from a television crew are taping you?
>> How are you going to make this to be a Fedora Activity Day - where you
>> are getting things accomplished - vs. a Press Event where people are
>> coming to do interviews?  Or is your plan to just interact with these
>> entities to discuss future plans for publicity? 

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