Rui Gouveia

Nelson Marques 07721 at
Wed May 12 11:39:35 UTC 2010

Dear all,

Rui Gouveia is the leader of Fedora trans_PT team. I've previously sent
an email stimulating people to join the Marketing, as Marketing through
trans_PT can deploy a higher number of localized contents aimed for
Portuguese people living in Portugal and outside.

Some documents that are worked on this list, like One Page Release Notes
are of strategical importance in my opinion to localized communities, if
those are not translated through the Docs teams, then we believe he can
help Fedora Marketing and Ambassadors by providing translations of those
documents that we believe to be strategical in terms of gathering a
higher user base locally.

Robyn, Paul, David,

Anyone can sponsor his entrance on this list so Fedora Marketing can be
munitioned with extra help in content translation?

As you can notice on Transifex statistics, his team, considering the
number has achieved very good results. I believe his participation would
be a valuable asset in document production for Portuguese pt_PT.


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