Nelson Marques 07721 at
Wed May 12 11:52:59 UTC 2010

As mentioned before, the Portuguese displayed on that web page is not

I've prepared a small version in fluent Portuguese pt_PT available at:

in which I've tried to follow the model made by a spanish contributor

I've runned the page through the trans-pt list. If we have approval from
translation list that it complies with normalized Portuguese, can I
replace it and delete the alternative?

This brings up another question. We have a few more pages to enter
onishe the wiki in Portuguese, being one of them the trans-pt team page.

Where can we start differentiation on documentation on the wiki ? Could
we establish something like: as the root
for the content entered in Portuguese by Portuguese contributors? Lets


What are the guidelines for this? I apologize if this is not from the
nature of this list, but considering we Marketing support the the
efforts to grow our user base, this seems to be a very valid question
for this list as it would for sure qualify as strategical marketing.

Looking forward for instructions.


Nelson Marques
Evil Clown (

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