F13 Press archives - now shiny and up to date

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at gmail.com
Wed May 12 20:10:12 UTC 2010

All -

I just sorted through email and added many / most of / hopefully all
of the articles that people have been posting to the marketing list
with the tag [in the news].

Feel free to check it out - or add to it! - here:

And thanks to everyone for continuing to add the [in the news] tag to
the articles you post to the list - it makes it a LOT easier to sort
through and find what needs to go on the wiki.  (I'd like to point out
that if you sent in an article and didn't use that format, we still
appreciate it - but you may want to double check if I actually caught
it and put it on the press archive wiki page. :D)

Rock on,


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