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Thu May 13 14:04:00 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

Jonathan talked to me about getting in touch with Twitter about the
@fedora account, which has lain dormant since it was opened by someone
who's not us.  I noticed that of the few followers it has, there are a
number of people whose profiles indicate they did so thinking that
feed was from our project.  That indicates to me that the account is
creating some confusion about where our official feed is.

I talked to Jonathan on Tuesday night about touching base with Red Hat
Legal for some advice.  Our counsel told me that because Red Hat owns
the Fedora trademark, correspondence directly from our Legal
department will carry a great deal more weight.  They can probably get
this job done with a minimum of fuss, but it helps when you have Real
Live Attorneys, just in case there's any pushback.

I confirmed with counsel that the goal is for the Fedora community to
hold and manage the keys to the account, and they are in complete
agreement.  The access group may include some Red Hat people who are
involved in the Marketing team, as the community decides is

My hope is that it won't take more than a few days, but with the
release close upon us, it's too easy to lose track in the mad shuffle.
Can someone please file a ticket so we can track progress on this
weekly until it's accomplished?

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