[in the news]: Clearing the Air About MeeGo

Jonathan Nalley jnalley at jnalley.com
Fri May 14 18:58:18 UTC 2010


"And there's more evidence that the situation is not as dire as I
painted earlier this week. Fedora Community Manager Paul Frields got
back to me this morning with a very detailed status update on how
MeeGo fits within the Fedora Project. I'll just get out of the way and
let you read the bulk of his reply:

The Fedora Project, and particularly our special interest group for
small devices, the Fedora Mini SIG, has substantial interest in MeeGo
as a next-generation platform. The Mini SIG is following the MeeGo
work to see how we can integrate its revolutionary interface and other
development to provide an enhanced user experience for small devices
in Fedora. This is made easier by the high degree of remixability and
upstream compatibility that Fedora maintains..."

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