Idea for tracking Fedora Marketing team success

Luke Slater tinmachin3 at
Sun May 16 23:57:26 UTC 2010

Hey everyone,

I noticed on the Fedora Marketing Wiki page that you are starting to
think about ways that we can track how the marketing team is doing so
I was wondering whether something like a PHP application which could
aggregate the "buzz" about Fedora over several social networks over
time and thus be able to generate reports/graphs and such would be
useful to the Marketing team?

As well as potentially being a pretty cool tool for visualising and
tracking what people are saying about Fedora, if it were expanded to
look for talk about specific releases or products then you could tell
if marketing campaigns are paying off in terms of whether people are
talking about it or not and whether we are meeting targets in that
respect too. Gerard Braad tells me that recently we've tried marketing
particular feature-sets in an attempt to more concretely define the
Fedora userbase and I think it could be useful for this too.

I would be happy to work on something like this, so let me know what
you think :-)


Luke Slater

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