for Fedora ambassador

Harish Kumar Gupta harishpgc10 at
Mon May 17 10:02:21 UTC 2010

Name :- Harish Kumar Gupta
User name -harishpgc
Email-harishpgc10 at

City- Jaipur (India)
Association - Technox

About Me:-
My name is Harish Kumar Gupta and I live in Jaipur (India)
I am Project Manager in* Appin Technology Lab ,USA at jaipur Center*
I am studing at* Poornima College of Engineering (PGC)* pursuing B.Tech
I like open source technology . I am osum club leader and campus
representative of Mozilla Firefox.

*Skills* - I am good leader and more experience to organize events.
(Marketing Skills) - I can promote fedora properly by seminars and install
Other Skills) - Good community leader, Large experience to organize events,
good experience to promote different projects

Harish Kumar Gupta
(OSUM Club Leader)
Poornima College of Engineering,
Jaipur, India
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