Photograph release forms - thread on advisory-board list

Mel Chua mel at
Mon May 17 12:29:25 UTC 2010

If you haven't yet seen it, there's a thread on release forms for 
photographs on the advisory-board list.

"As we put together new marketing and release materials it's clear the 
Fedora Marketing and Design teams want to show the many varied faces of 
our community in conjunction with Fedora... However, as the 
photographers among you know, presenting people as subjects in photos 
can generate some legal issues.  Photographers often have models or 
subjects complete a release form... we probably need to have a general
release form that covers photos of people to be published on the wiki,
or reproduced in paper formats for release and publicity materials
related to the Fedora Project.  Unlike the licenses we require for
code, though, the release would only be for Fedora's use and no one

Chime in there if you have any input!


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