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Mon May 17 13:06:17 UTC 2010

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On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 01:45:57PM +0200, Gregory M. Zysk wrote:
> I would like to draw attention to the survey that was administered by
> the professors at Duke university over a month ago. I believe that this
> survey should shed some light on the contributions and the various
> priorities and methods which Fedora contributors define as their needs
> and interests. This, in turn, should give a good basis to start from so
> the data can be used to brand and market Fedora properly, as well as,
> help build a better way for administration and governance of the
> project. Eventually, if used properly, it can also provide the basis for
> the community to avoid and reduce the growing conflicts that lead to
> many contributors leaving the project.
> So, in short, do we have any results for this survey?
> Furthermore, do we have a methodology to accompany this survey to show
> why these questions were asked and why the specific target groups were
> chosen to survey?

The Duke researchers have sent me a list of some additional
information that they need to continue their work.  Basically, they
need someone to run a few SQL queries via JSON:

(1) The count of unique people, determined by full names and/or email
addresses, active in at least one mailing list/group, which would
provide an estimate of the number of active people in the Fedora
Accounts System.  The count won't include actual names or addresses.

(2) The distribution of mailing lists/groups per person (e.g., X
people are in 1 mailing list/group, Y people are in 2 mailing
lists/groups, Z people in a 3 mailing lists/groups, etc), which would
provide an estimate of how many mailing lists/groups active people are
typically part of in the Fedora Accounts System.  Again, these counts
won't include actual names or addresses

In addition, there are some counts they need for specific lists/groups
based on actual responses, and I'll work with someone from
Infrastructure to get those.  I expect the researchers will be
publishing a full report along with the survey results to establish
context around it.

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