Help us get screenshots for the one-page release notes!

Mel Chua mel at
Tue May 18 19:45:37 UTC 2010

We need screenshots for - can anyone 
help? This is a good task for a newcomer to pick up. Robyn and I are 
both in the middle of things that prevent us from easily upgrading to 
F13 this week, and we'd love some help.

Here's how to help:

* Upgrade to F13 (beta, I reckon) or install the f13 artwork package 
(does anyone recall the name?)
* Accessories > Take screenshot (then take the screenshot!)
* Upload the resulting image to the wiki 
* Email the resulting link to the file(s) to this list.

Others can clean it up and put it into the one-pager (I'm willing to do 
that by default).

Screenshots we need:

* Color management feature 
( OR 
a photo of someone with a snazzy-looking digital camera looking very 
serious about taking pictures next to their computer running Fedora

* (we can use if 
needed, so this is low-priority*

* a NetBeans screenshot 

* An illustrative Python screenshot 
or - 
something as graphical and snazzy as possible)

Photos we need:

* Someone using a printer for the "Easy Print" section

* Someone playing a game with 3D (maybe something from for the "Video Drivers" section

* Pictures of programmers/sysadmins working together

* Someone doing graphic design (as an alternative to, since we used 
that shot for F12)

* General shots of community members, both a group shot (or shots) for 
the "help make Fedora!" section at the bottom (the F12 photo was 
and shots of individuals for the banner at the top (the current ones 
used are from the F12 one-page release notes Spanish translation).



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