Help us get screenshots for the one-page release notes!

Mel Chua mel at
Wed May 19 03:58:39 UTC 2010

Luke, Gerard, David, Tatica, and Nelson are awesome. Behold the 
still-in-progress glory of!

We still need the following - existing screenshots/photos are also ok! 
(Folks going to the FAD this week, perhaps some people-snapshots can be 
taken there?)

>> * a NetBeans screenshot
>> (
>> * An illustrative Python screenshot
>> (
>> or
>> or -
>> something as graphical and snazzy as possible)
>> Photos we need:
>> * Someone using a printer for the "Easy Print" section
>> * Someone playing a game with 3D (maybe something from
>> for the "Video Drivers" section
>> * Pictures of programmers/sysadmins
>> * Someone doing graphic design (as an alternative to
>>, since we used
>> that shot for F12)
>> * General shots of community members, both a group shot (or shots) for
>> the "help make Fedora!" section at the bottom (the F12 photo was
>> and shots of individuals for the banner at the top (the current ones
>> used are from the F12 one-page release notes Spanish translation).


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