An animal mascot for Fedora?

wonderer wonderer4711 at
Wed May 19 14:12:18 UTC 2010

Hy there,

here are my thoughts about this...
> Should we have a think about Fedora maybe getting an animal mascot? 
I would not recommend it, because...
> We
> have a great logo at the moment but I think people can relate more to
> animals and it might give the project a more friendly feel? 
I thought our 4F's has a "Friends" in it. That should work so far well...
> This kind
> of thing has proven successful for a certain kernel as well as
> distributions such as SuSE. 
Another F stands for First ... we would not be the First who uses an
> We could have Sean the turtle. Why? Because I have a turtle named Sean
> ( and I think someone could make a
> nice SVG logo out of a turtle; plus, they would make good cuddly toys
> which is good for merchandise. 
... and besides that what purpose has that specific animal? What could
be associated with that animal? I think "slow" and "can be old" would
not fit within Fedora ...
> I just thought I would mention it, what do you think?
It maybe at some circumstances worth an idea to make several for one
specific event and THEN see how it would work. But I would feel more
comfortable with a Unique Toy or so. The "people" someone else mentioend
would be more interresting I think.

It also would be very difficult to establish a "new" mascote, becuase we
allready established the "f" - Logo very well. Maybe we could think of
what we could do with THAT thing...

mit freundlichen grüßen / best regards
H. Heigl - wonderer at  

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