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Garland Binns gbinns at
Wed May 19 17:21:16 UTC 2010

Hi All,

This email is regarding the Keyword Optimization Project:

Below are my recommendations for three pages, which are currently void of
optimization for any keywords or phrases:

*Suggested Keyword:* Fedora Linux
*Targeted Term:* Linux
*Global Monthly Search Volume for Target Term:* 55.6 Million

*Keyword:* Fedora Linux Download
*Targeted Term:* Linux Download
*Global Monthly Search Volume for Targeted Term:* 1.2 Million

*Keyword:* Fedora Linux How To Get Help
*Targeted Term:* Linux How To
*Global Monthly Search Volume for Targeted Term:* 1 Million

Please let me know if you all have any questions or objections! :)

URL is the page I recommend placing the keyword on.
Keyword is the term I recommend we optimize the page for.
Targeted Term is the keyword or phrase I am targeting as a result of the
Global Monthly Search Volume is the approximate average monthly number of
search queries matching each keyword result. This statistic applies to
searches performed on Google and their Search Network over a 12-month
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