Results of Fedora Participation Survey?

Mel Chua mel at
Thu May 20 02:43:49 UTC 2010

> Like with our initial methodology to create the survey questions
> based on longer phone interviews with a dozen participants, followed
> up my shorter email interviews with several dozen participants, and
> then pilot testing with specific subgroups in the community, we will
> be doing something similar with the results. That is, we will email
> preliminary results to select participants (and subsequently groups
> of participants) for feedback and input before distributing the
> report to all survey respondents (and others who may be interested).
> Tony and I would welcome early input from you and the marketing team
> in mid-June when we expect to have a draft/executive summary ready.

Thanks for the update, Jonathon - it's particularly enlightening for 
those of us without an academic background (such as myself) who might be 
curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of this sort of research. 
:) Looking forward to the update in mid-June as to how we can help!


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