Priorities for Fedora Buzz

Luke Slater tinmachin3 at
Thu May 20 10:42:03 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

As you might already know, I wrote a blog post for Buzz the other
day[1] and it gained around 109 clicks[2] from and Twitter,
as well as many views from Fedora planet. We got some feedback on the
post and the main points were as follows:

* Buzz isn't all that great of a name for it.
* OpenMarketing as a proposed name for the platform (from Gerard)
* Similar to KDE Buzz and we should take a look at what they're doing
(was someone working on seeing whether the code for that was open?)
but it's sufficiently different to warrant a new piece of software.
* Marketing about marketing is a good thing!

What do you think of these?

There are some things that I would really like to get decided
relatively quickly so the design of the actual system can begin:

1. Technology - Should this be pursued in Moksha or using PHP. I'm
leaning quite a lot towards just using PHP at the moment because it
will save drastic amounts of time learning how to use another
framework and I'm more comfortable with it.
2. Name - I like OpenMarketing for the platform, but maybe we should
change the Fedora-specific app's name from Buzz to something else.

Other considerations include design. I'm not a designer by any
capacity so I guess I can just create a simple front-end for it to
start off with and then when we have something to show maybe we can
get one of the Fedora designers to have a look at it?

Thanks and I hope I'm not being too verbose,



Luke Slater

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