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Thu May 20 14:13:44 UTC 2010

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 11:42:03AM +0100, Luke Slater wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> As you might already know, I wrote a blog post for Buzz the other
> day[1] and it gained around 109 clicks[2] from and Twitter,
> as well as many views from Fedora planet. We got some feedback on the
> post and the main points were as follows:
> * Buzz isn't all that great of a name for it.
> * OpenMarketing as a proposed name for the platform (from Gerard)
> * Similar to KDE Buzz and we should take a look at what they're doing
> (was someone working on seeing whether the code for that was open?)
> but it's sufficiently different to warrant a new piece of software.
> * Marketing about marketing is a good thing!

A couple ideas regarding this service:

* We should really pick a distinctive name for this service, even if
  we share code with another such service.  And we should do that as
  soon as possible, because names tend to stick, and it's harder to
  change a name once people start using it.

* I'd be interested in knowing whether we can accomplish this service
  as a module for the content management system.  That way we can get
  your help on that system, and at the same time you may not have to
  write the entire delivery mechanism from scratch.  (Yay, free
  software!)  By the way, here's a freebie -- if we *can* do this as
  part of the CMS, then we already have a distinctive name, Fedora
  Insight, and this is yet another awesome function that platform can
  deliver.  Insight is meant to aggregate and report content, and it
  seems to me this is a natural fit for that goal.

* Once we have those two pieces of information, doing the design is
  probably best as an up-front goal.  I think most designers would
  tell you it's easier to start with the design -- meaning you can
  clearly establish your goals and requirements -- rather than trying
  to change all that once the backend has already been written.

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