Intro - Me (Makfinsky)

Ivan Makfinsky makfinsky at
Thu May 27 23:12:36 UTC 2010

Good evening all.

Hi, my name is Ivan Makfinsky and I live in Washington, DC. My Fedora
Account System username is makfinsky, and my IRC nick is makfinsky.

I decided to join the Fedora Marketing team after meeting Robyn Bergeron
at this past weekend's FADNA, and am interested in joining because I am
an ambassador and find marketing to be integral to being an ambassador.

Background: I have been working with Linux for years, am a contract
consultant and instructor for Red Hat and do plenty of work
independently. I have been a Fedora Ambassador for just over a year now.
Just recently finished the RHCA and have worked primarily as a SysAdmin
and Systems Architect.

This is the first marketing project I have worked on, sort of. I've been
doing a fair amount of research on marketing in the past few years,
especially since I became an independent consultant. Being an
independent requires that you do all your own marketing and branding.
The work done on the Fedora Project in terms of branding and marketing
is rather impressive.

Am very excited to help in whatever way I can.

- Ivan

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